Quality, technology and sustainability

Our philosophy

VIRIXENE is Vision, Risk Management and Energy. These three words are the essence of our identity.


It emerges from the mission and guides our strategy.

Risk Management

It is what guarantees us sustainable growth driven by innovation.


It is passion that mobilizes the achievement of our objectives and goals.

At Virixene, we are aware that health is the most valuable asset people may have.
Our commitment is to outdo ourselves day by day, to be able to provide medicines which allow a better quality of life.


Our mission is to provide healthier and better lives through the prevention, relief, and cure of illnesses, being an international pharmaceutical group that reaches future generations.

Cultural Values and Principles

Our corporate brands

A global-standard-based production, technological development, efficiency and sustainability ensure the quality of our medicines.

Corporate government

The corporate government is led by a Board of Directors (BOD) which takes care of and ensures compliance with our values, being its main function to define the strategic guidelines, ensure compliance, as well as to protect the main objective of our interested parts equally.

The business units are led by executive directors and a managers team, which implements the strategy, aligning the organization with a strong and unique culture.

Sustainable development

We actively participate in the creation of a more prosperous and sustainable environment.

ActivaRSE is a program that focuses on health and education by concentrating all the activities that allow us to fulfill the commentment assumed with our patients, community, collaborators, clients and suppliers, generating a triple impact in the economic, social and environemntal fields. We can see that reflected in our Sustainabiilty Reports.

Ethics code

In order to serve as guidance for queries, receive and solve complaints that may grow out of a breach of current policies, we have developed our ethics code.

This is the guiding framework for key aspects of our development, expansion and bond with our main stakeholders: employees, patients, clients, suppliers and community.

Furthermore, we have an anonymous line for complaints of Protection.


In order to tackle better your comments or suggestions, please complete your details and we will contact you shortly.